STATERA means balance in Latin. We chose this name because we believe in balance of everything. Of the good and the evil, work and entertainment, power and wisdom, body and soul. Mountainbiking is not just a sport for us. It’s a symbiosis of the machine, human and nature. Get to know our region. Not only from the perspective of a passionate sportsman but also of a nature lover and protector.


Banska Bystrica is an ancient town with a significant mining history. It’s located in a basin surrounded by mountains and national parks. From us, everything’s nearby. The geographical middle point of Slovakia is situated 15 km east and the one of Europe 15 km west. Kremnica Mountains, Great Fatra, Low Tatras or Polana – every mountain range has its own characteristics. Thanks to an indented relief and the variety of the sceneries, the whole region is very appealing for mountainbiking.

The upper parts reaching to 2000 m have mainly a meadow character. The connoisseurs among you will be especially delighted by the frequent natural single trails. The tours are distinguished by a strong altitude profile. It’s going up and down. We don’t ride any flat land.

Turistický ruch, príroda, šport

Tourism is very well developed in the whole region. In the Middle Age, it was a part of the North Hungary. The local gold, silver and mines copper mines belonged to the richest in Europe. You can still feel this tradition in many town and villages. Banská Bystrica, Kremnica, Banská Štiavnica (listed in UNESCO) or Špania dolina – those are the top localities where the history is literally breathing on you. If you want to relax a bit after the tour, you can do so in several outdoor swimming pools or renowned spas.
There’s also something for nature lovers.You’ll find a plentiful number of very well marked tourist paths. An interesting attraction is also the 3 km long Harmanec Cave with a rich dripstone decoration and rafting the river Hron. There are one of the best climbing areas in Slovakia with high-quality climbing routes.

We have two big and a lot of small skiing resorts, reaching the Alpine standards in terms of the service and facilities. In 2016, the world FIS championship was held in the ski resort Jasna.
There are also excellent conditions for skialpinism and freeriding. The local athletics and skiing club are very successful. The ice-hockey players from Banska Bystrica often find their way into the American NHL.

There are enough accommodation capacities - luxury hotels, ordinary guest houses, simple chalets or vacation suits. If don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on accommodation, you’ll easily find something for 10-15 euros per night. Google won’t disappoint you here.

For a great lunch, you’ll spend 4 (normal menu) to 7 euros (a better restaurant). Everywhere you’ll find tapped beer of various brands, you’ll pay 1-1,5 euros per half-litre. Coffee as well 1 – 1,5 euros, a shot also around 1,5 euros. But don’t forget – on our tours, you’ll be refilling your water supplies somewhere in the middle of nowhere, where the prices go 50% back.

Banska Bystrica is a university town and that’s why it’s full of young people. By the way, Slovakia is known for beautiful women. The centre of the nightlife is on the main square full of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and dance clubs. You can find a real discotheque ,,Ministry of Fun” in the shopping centre Europe.

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