Crown of Banska Bystrica

An absolute top. Epic 3-days-long ridge tour around Banska Bystrica.

The best of the best. The ultimate stage TOP. The real mountain Giro di Banska Bystrica. An allround ridge-tour of 150 km length. It requires a precise planning and a top-condition. I recommend dividing this tour in 3 days.

We can easily consider the surroundings of Banska Bystrica a mountainbike paradise. The town is located in a hollow literally surrounded by a mountain chain with various geography. In the west there is the severe ridge of the Kremnica Mountains with the dominant transmitter on Skalka. In the north, we have the massif of Krizna with its noticeable side ridges, then comes Kecka and Kozi chrbat in the massif of the Stare Hory Mountains. In the east dominates the striking Hrb ridge, which is considered to be the geographical centre of Slovakia. The southern edge of the tour is formed by the semi-meadowlike ridge Bukovina. It represents the southern edge of the Polana caldera – the prehistorical stratovolcano.
Banska Bystrica Koruna goes through all of these ridges and is lead clockwise.

Track's photos and videos

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