Slovenská Ľupča
63 km
↑ 1.500 m ↓ 1.500 m
6 – 8 hod.
1.233 m Ľubietovská Bukovina
365 m Slovenská Ľupca
100 %
Hrochoť, 23 km Strelníky. 41 km
1.Strato-Vulkán 2.Mystické miesto
Hrochoť, Strelníky
Harmanec 1:50.000 N.22

Lesná cesta / Forstweg / Dirt42 km67 %

Chodník / Pfad / Trail11 km17 %

Asfalt / Asphalt / Tarmac10 km16 %

Tlačenie / Schieben / Push0 km0 %

A difficult tour with stunning geography. Nice, ridgy passages with views to untouched nature with a frequent occurrence of bears. The route leads through the northern part of the caldera edge of a prehistoric stratovolcano, covered with beautiful birch vegetation. From here on, you’ll enjoy an excellent, fast and long downhill. In the end you’ll reach the peak of the hill, of which interior is still full of gold and copper. You’ll be surprised by its mysterious beauty.
Pulvis est et in pulverem reverteris.

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63 km
↑ 1.500 m ↓ 1.500 m
On the edge of a vulcano. Maybe you won't see a bear, but you will see it's shit on the path. Epic downhill.