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The routes that we have included in our selection illustrate the endless number of outdoor activities that you can do with us. Choose from them if you are interested in one, but we will be happy to tailor a trip for you if you are interested in something else.

The price for one day with our guide is approximately 150 – 300 euros. It depends on the technical and time-consuming nature of the chosen hike. Of course, we will also be happy to price you a more complex trip that you wish for. Do not hesitate to contact us.

63 km
↑ 1.500 m ↓ 1.500 m
On the edge of a vulcano. Maybe you won't see a bear, but you will see it's shit on the path. Epic downhill.
63 km
↑ 1.650 m ↓ 1.650 m
Death mountain - White Killer. Beautiful mountain sceneries. A must for all bikers in our region.