Lubietova Mine

Slovenská Ľupča
34 km
↑ 800 m ↓ 800 m
4-5 hod.
953 m Ľubietovská Vysoká
365 m Slovenská Ľupca
99,9 %
Ľubietová, 12 km Lučatín 28 km
1.Lake with waterfall 2.Mine shaft
Ľubietová, Lučatín
Harmanec 1:50.000 N.22

Lesná cesta / Forstweg / Dirt19 km56 %

Chodník / Pfad / Trail5 km15 %

Asfalt / Asphalt / Tarmac10 km29 %

Tlačenie / Schieben / Push0 km0 %

Get to know paths, which have been marched on for hundreds of years by miners extracting gold and other rare metals. Among other things, you’ll see a picturesque waterfall and find yourself in a deep, dark and ancient mining shaft where bats will be passing the night just above your head. The route is passing through a small village Lubietova, which had the royal mining town status in the Middle Age. You’ll find a beautiful, reconstructed square and excellent tapped beer. Following the educational trail you’ll get to the Vysoka hill. The top of the hill is a mystical rocky tower with a stunning all-round view.
Pulvis est et in pulverem reverteris.

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63 km
↑ 1.500 m ↓ 1.500 m
On the edge of a vulcano. Maybe you won't see a bear, but you will see it's shit on the path. Epic downhill.