Northern Zzig Zzag

Three parallel ridges. Alpine meadows with stunning views. Back to the roots of MTB.

Lesná cesta / Forstweg / Dirt 26 km 57 %

Chodník / Pfad / Trail 19 km 41 %

Asfalt / Asphalt / Tarmac 9 km 20 %

This tour brings various excellent geographical spots and exciting bike-experience together. Zigzaging through airy ridges you'll move over from the Hron river bed to the main ridge of Low Tatras. Just check out the map and you'll get the name right away. Plese, Vlacuhovo, Kecka. Peaks, mountain meadows and ridges in one. You'll enjoy beautiful views, excellent singles and awesome downhills in the nature's lap.

Track's photos and videos